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Who are we
Efficiency - Precision - Perfection
  • الطيبين للصناعة والتجارة
  • الطيبين للصناعة والتجارة

We, in El Tayebeen Company for Industry and Trade, look forward to contributing with an effective role in the development of iron industry technology and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and building a lofty edifice for this industry as well as industries

Our goal
Our vision

El Tayebeen Company for Industry and Trade aspires to build business relationships and strategic partnership with our customers and suppliers and to provide high-quality iron products through systems, machines and qualified employees, as well as to expand our share in the Egyptian market to achieve the largest possible return and to constantly improve and develop our products


Preserving the environment, community development, and contributing to projects and initiatives aimed at educating the community and raising its level of awareness Adhere to all quality standards and produce a product that conforms to the approved specifications and standards, which contributes to the development of this industry and the continuous improvement of our equipment and systems while preserving the protection of the surrounding environment and the safety of workers and contributing to the development of society in accordance with the approved regulations and systems

الطيبين للصناعة والتجارة (5).jpg

Our address is credibility in dealing and the ability to meet customer requirements in any quantities of our products

targeting a large sector of manufacturers, business owners and importers all over the Arab Republic of Egypt, whose products depend on the presence of the iron element, beams and angles in all their forms, using the latest methods and machines such as scissors and benders

We are distinguished by commitment, quality, and our prices do not accept competition. They are suitable for everyone, so they are not limited to a specific category of customers. Call us at any time you will find us

الطيبين للصناعة والتجارة
We present to our client

The possibility of professionally manufacturing and shaping any type of sheet metal in order to meet the required needs of our client with high quality that is comparable to the quality of the imported product and even surpasses it in terms of quality and at very competitive prices

Solving any problems that may hinder the manufacturer and importer from completing the manufacturing of their product in the ideal manner, with innovative and unconventional ideas and implementing them at the lowest costs

الطيبين للصناعة والتجارة
Company services

Forming and operating pipes

boxes, angles, beams and wire

We carry out

and operate sheet molds

Implementation of all sheet metal work (cutting - bending - shaping).

We have (scissors – benders)

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